The Most Beautiful Show

The cinema history’s famoust comedian Charlie Chaplin tells;

When i was a child me and my father went to a circus.

There was a long queue and there was a family who has 6 childs right in front of us.

They all were poor, their clothes were old but also clean. Kids were smiling about the circus.

When they turn comes their father went to the counter and asked how much the circus is.

The man told him the price, then father turned to his wife and whispered something on her ear.

Suddenly my father threw down his 20$. After that he got on his knees, he took the money and spoke to father:

“Your money was on the ground, sir”

He looked at my father and he said “Thank you, sir” He was emotional.

After they got in the circus my father took my hand and left the queue.

Becuase my father had no money but that 20$ he gave.

Im proud of him since that day. That 2 minutes was the best show I have ever seen. More beautiful than the circus i couldn’t see.