Two men leave a store.

One man walks to his Corvette, the other walks out to his moped.

The guy with the moped admires the Corvette and the owner lets him take a look at it.

The he gets on his moped, the other guy gets into his ‘Vette, and they both leave the parking lot.

The guy in the Corvette decides to show off and race out of the parking lot. He stops at a stop light.

Enjoying his music he looks out the window and sees the guy on the moped flying by at about 80 mph!

He can’t believe a moped can go that fast! So he races up to the guy on the moped and passes him again to show how fast he can go.

At the next stop light, the guy on the moped speeds by once more.

Finally the Corvette and moped stop at the same stop light.

“How the hell did you go past me so fast like that!?” the guy in the Corvette asks.

The guy on the moped, all flushed and pale, looks at the man and says,

“My suspenders are caught ın your car door!!!!”