Spit Buddha’s Face

Buddha was sitting under the tree with his students. A man comes and he spits at Buddha. He wipes up his face then he asks him, “What else? What else you want to say?” Man suprises.

But Buddha’s students get angry.

His closest student Ananda says, “it is too much, we cant tolerate this. you should continue your lesson, we’ll show him he can’t do things like this. He needs to be punished. if he ain’t, he’ll keep doing things like this.

Buddha speaks, “Be quiet. He didn’t piss me of but y’all did. He’s a stranger, he’s new here. He has to heard bad things about me; “This man doesn’t know any gods, he’s dangerous, etc.” He has a idea about me. He didn’t spit me, he did it to his own thoughts. He doesn’t even know me, how can it be possible?

He spited to his own thoughts. I’m not a part of it and i can see that this poor man has a different thing to say. When you feel love deeply, you hug someone. Tell them something.

When you get angry you hit someone, spit and tell them something. I can understand this man. He has to keep something to say. Thats why i asked “what else?”

Man gets suprised more. “You guys made me angry more, bc you know me, you lived with me for years but you still react.” buddha speaks to his students.

Suprised man turns back his home. He couldn’t sleep all night. Its hard to sleep like you used to when you see a Buddha, its not possible.

He remembers this experience again. He couldn’t explain what happened to himself. He never met someone like him; his mind, his history disappears. In the morning he goes back and go down on his knees to Buddha.

“What else? It’s also the other way to show things you can’t tell. When you touch my feet, you tell things that can not be explained by letters, words.” Buddha continues:

“Look Ananda, he’s here again, telling things. He’s a man with deep feelings.” He looks at Buddha: “Forgive me for what i’ve done yesterday.”

Buddha answers: “Forgiving you?” But i’m not the person that you spit yesterday. ganj river is constantly flowing, it is never the same. Every human being is a river. I look exactly the same with the person you spit but i am not the same, so many things happened in this 24 hour! So i can not forgive because i’m not mad or upset to you.

“And you regenerated too. It’s clear to see that youre not the man who came here yesterday because that man was mad. He was mad but you are on your knees. How can you be him?

You are not him, let’s forget about that. These two men dont exist from now. Come closer, let’s talk about something else”