Intelligence Test Joke

Luis Fernandez is going to spy on the training of Nantes and at the end, he goes to see the coach, Suaudeau, and asks him;

─ I do not understand, you’re first and I’m doing the same training as you!

Suaudeau answers;

─ It’s because everything is in the head! My players are smarter. Look!

He calls Ouedec and asks him:

─ Here, answer this riddle:

“It’s your father’s son, but he’s not your brother.”

And immediately, Ouedec answers;

─ It’s easy, it’s me!With that, Fernandez returns to Paris.

He meets Ginola and asks him:

─ Try to find: “It’s your father’s son but he’s not your brother?”

Ginola thinks;

─ Uh … I’m doing a tour and I answer you …He starts running and meets Bravo, to whom he asks the same question.

Bravo answers:

─ It’s me. Ginola comes back happy, and answers;

─ It’s Bravo! And there Fernandez said to him;

─ You’re really stupid, it’s Ouedec!